Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Spotlight - Temperature: Bitter Cold By Adam Santo

Adam Santo offers this riveting sequel to his debut dark fantasy novel of the Temperature Trilogy. It will have readers twisting and turning in their seat. A magnificent blend of intrigue and suspense, with a dash of trenchant wit. Sally’s trek through a world of unimaginable creatures will bring her face to face against a menacing entity to outdo them all – the church’s secret division, The Cross. Sally has been kidnapped by them and Bocnic, her zombie-fied knight in slightly shiny armor, must find her before it’s too late. And, that’s just the beginning. Much more stirs beneath the deviously shallow waters of life than either of them know about. Will riptides of a forlorn lover drive a wedge between Sally and Bo? How will this bitterly end?

 About the Author
 Adam Santo was born and raised in Southern California before joining the Army for his short lived career as a soldier in Colorado Springs. Currently living and writing in Florida with his family and faithful dog, Copper.

Where to Buy
You can find both Temperature: Bitter Cold at Author House. The first book in the series,Temperature: Dead and Rising, is also available online at Create Space.


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