Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Spotlight! The Old Adventures of Hailey & Jared by Bon Rose

Book synopsis -
Hailey and her best friend Jared have gone on several exciting adventures. Originally separate short stories, I have put six of their fun but spooky stories together for this book. Each story has suspenseful adventures that always end with a twist! Even though Hailey is a girl, you'd have to call her a tomboy as she loves adventures with her best friend Jared and has no problem getting in and out of spooky situations! She, Jared and her beloved bike Blue manage to keep their lives pretty exciting, and sometimes they are not sure whether it's ghosts or just their imagination. You'll just have to decide which one it ends up being!

 Excerpt from The Old Caboose - One of the short stories in The "Old" Adventures of Hailey and Jared Book #1:


     I couldn’t breathe.  Something was covering my face, and trying to suffocate me.  I tried screaming but nothing came out. I tore at whatever was on my face, and suddenly I could breathe again, but I was blinded by something bright. Duh! I was wrestling with my pillow, and now that it was off my face the sunlight hit me right in the eyes. Sheesh, I started giggling, what a doofus I was. I jumped out of bed, and ran downstairs ready for the weekend, and something exciting to do.
     It didn’t take long to eat and get dressed. I needed to think of another adventure, and of course, the best place to do that was my secret hideaway. I decided to stop by Jared’s and see if he wanted to come with me, sometimes two heads were better than one.  Jumping on my bike, it was “Hi Ho Blue Awaayy!”
    Rounding the corner, I saw Jared’s brother Dustin outside on the front porch. I went up the driveway, slammed on the brakes, and skidded into the porch. Dustin looked at me, shook his head then proceeded to go in the house shutting the door in my face.  Whatever!  I rang the doorbell, and had to wait until Jared opened the door.
    “Your brother can be a real donut hole.”
    “Yeah, you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.”
    “Anyways, just wondering if you want to come to the hideaway with me.  We need to think of something to do today.”
    “Sure. I’ll grab my bike and meet you out front.”
    Just then Dustin walked past me with two twizzlers stuck up his nose. “Hey Hailey, what’s happening?” He chuckled and continued to walk out the door. Boy, he needed some serious help.
    I ran out the door and grabbed Blue, Jared came up beside me, and we were off.  It was another beautiful fall day, and I loved seeing the leaves that were turning red, orange, and yellow. I felt a burst of energy and sped ahead of Jared. He stood up to pedal and tried to catch me. Now it was a race to the hideaway.

Author Bio - Born in Iowa, I grew up reading the Nancy Drew Mysteries. As a teen I did a rough draft of a short story but it wasn't until a few years ago that I finally took my time to sit down and re-write it, and then had it published as an e-short story called Old Jacob. I now have several short stories and one book with the first 6 stories which is called The "Old Adventures of Hailey and Jared". These stories were written with my grandchildren in mind and are based on some adventures from my childhood. I have also written two short stories for adults, "Dying to Write" and a short horror story "The Rabbit's Foot".

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