Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Spotlight! Pursuer by Monique Morgan

Pursuer is the first book in the Alwahi Series.
Synopsis: When her plane crashes into the ocean, Zanas is dropped into a brutal world of survival. She soon learns that this is no ordinary place, as the land mutates all that live within its borders. Her sister is kidnapped and taken beneath, thrusting Zanas into the middle of a primitive society, where she will find her death, or her destiny.
Ecerpt from Chapter 8: First Blood
Her breath came out in small, excited gasps, her teeth bared, blood dripping down her chin. She could hear the sound of her own growling, as her heart pounded in her chest. Her vision began to clear slightly and her team came into view, reminding her of another hunting party she had hunted with. Just like that party, she found all eyes staring at her, and recognized the familiar emotion…respect.
Zanas found herself face to face with him. She looked into his eyes searching for the other emotion she always saw in people once they had truly seen her for what she was, a predator. But she saw nothing but wild excitement reflected in his eyes.
There was no fear.
Excerpt from Chapter 16 ~ Revenge
The noise of the crowd changed with the scent of blood in the air. Zanas was surrounded by glowing green eyes, the eyes of predators in frenzy. Desstina was coming at her again. This time her flying hand found only air. Zanas grabbed the girl by her neck, slamming Desstina’s head into her knee. Desstina dropped to the floor, cradling her nose. She seemed finished. Then the words of Dressdon echoed in her mind, just as Desstina catapulted herself upward, her fist outstretched. She made contact with the center of Zanas’s face. The force of the blow knocked Zanas on her back, and Desstina leaped atop her.
The crowd was screaming now. They seemed to be like exotic dancers, as they moved their bodies in a swell, like waves smashing on the beach. Desstina wrapped her hands tightly around Zanas’s neck digging her sharp claws into the flesh. Time stopped for Zanas, only the taste of her blood in her mouth and the sound of her beating heart.
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Author's thoughts of Pursuer: The story of Pursuer is set in a wild land of mystery. Zanas and her twin sister Asenya find themselves transported to this world without any explanation of how they came to be there. Their adoptive parents perished in the journey and they are all that is left of their family. They are welcomed by a warrior people, the children of Alwahi.
Asenya is kidnapped and taken below, a world that exists deep beneath the surface. To find her sister Zanas joins the deadly Pursuers, a clan that thrives on blood and the hunt. The world she finds herself in holds a beauty that she never believed possible, as well as a deadly thrill that draws Zanas in as though she was created solely to become part of it.
Zanas's journey is one of excitement and love, of what is possible with a courageous heart and a strong mind.
Coming Fall 2012


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