Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Challenging Me (Lightworker Series Book 7) by Jamie White

It was supposed to be an easy job. Courtney and Santiago Martinez are charged with keeping watch over a young woman who’s close to inheriting the special gifts of their people, a task meant to avoid the betrayals that cost her and their people so much. The sudden disappearance of their charge complicates things, and leaves Courtney with a sense of guilt and responsibility she can’t shake at a time when she’s already weakened by what she fears is a new attack on her personally.

Things get worse as one by one, people disappear under seemingly mundane circumstances that lead them to believe their enemies have a new plan to destroy them. Will Courtney manage to fight through this latest setback to find the missing people, or will their people finally face defeat?

My Thoughts

In the seventh book in the Lightworker series, Courtney and are husband are watching out for the next generation of Ligthtworkers who are waiting for their powers to develop. The problem is, the bad guys want them, too. If they capture the teens, they could twist their minds, teaching them to use their powers for evil. When one of their charges goes missing, Courtney hopes to grow her abilities in order to find her. She also fears that she and her sister are under attack, so the two of them join forces to combat the evil forces trying to take them down.

This has been one of my favorite paranormal series in a long time. It's a really unique take on Lighworkers and the supernatural elements are enthralling. The interaction between the characters is great and I've enjoyed the progression of Courtney's personality as she grew from a teenager to a woman with a husband and adult responsibilities.  This is the most recent edition of the Lightworker series, and now that I'm all caught up, I will have to wait impatiently for the author to release the next one. 

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