Thursday, June 27, 2019

Magic & Wonder Collide, as Enchanting Books Teach Children British Etiquette

As an International Etiquette Trainer, Taryn Jahme has taught British etiquette to clients from all walks of life. However, children have a special place in her heart – not only for the unique challenges they present, but the creative and uplifting ways in which Taryn can impart her wisdom.

The ‘Henry and Kathleen’ series of children’s books is one of Taryn’s proudest resources – a series of storybooks that teach children British etiquette while engrossing them in a world where literally anything can happen!


‘A Magical London Adventure’ - Siblings Henry and Kathleen are lively and imaginative, but also a little mischievous. The Magical London Adventure by Taryn Jahme tells the tale of how, following a spot of trouble due to poor table manners, the children write a story of apology. This story within a story tells of an exciting magical adventure in which Jasper, a friendly dragon, explores London. The story culminates with a grand feast at Buckingham Palace where the children succeed in demonstrating their refined manners.

‘High Tea Through the Tunnels of London’ - Henry and Kathleen are invited by their Aunty Kerry and Granny Fay to sample High Tea at the Ritz Hotel. While there, they get trapped in a lift—from which they are rescued by Detective Fox, one of the animals the children watch play at the bottom of their garden. Detective Fox enlists the help of his friends Lady Badger, Sir Rabbit, Mrs Mole and Mr Hedgehog to whisk Henry and Kathleen on an adventure through the tunnels deep below London.

‘Little London Pirates’ - Henry and Kathleen enjoy playing in one of London’s most prestigious play-grounds at Kensington Garden’s. Magic turns the playground’s fabulous and famous pirate ship in to a real ship, setting sail upon the River Thames on a great and exciting adventure! Embarking upon a twisting and epic journey, encountering Pirates and mermaids and sea monsters., Henry and Kathleen are in for a wild time. Famous ships which are ‘dotted’ around London join the battle on the River Thames to save the children from the pirates. Will the children manage to get away?

‘Royal Air Force Day’ - Henry and Kathleen are extremely excited to go and see the ‘Red Arrows’ flying at ‘Royal Air Force Day’. Dad is flying a red arrow which has the Queen of England watching in awe. Whilst Dad is flying, Henry and Kathleen are on an epic and thrilling journey in a world famous ‘London black taxi’ which magically grows wings! Flying through the skies, Henry and Kathleen are in a race with the Red Arrows! With the crowds cheering excitedly, amazed that a London black taxi is flying through the air at such ‘high speed’, will Dad realise who it is?

‘The Raven Tea Party at the Tower of London’ - Henry and Kathleen are having a fun picnic in beautiful Richmond Park. They adventure further away from their picnic spot arriving at a ginormous old oak tree. Little do Henry and Kathleen realise that the animals that live in the branches are truly magical creatures. After meeting the magical animals for tea, the children fly on the backs of the ‘Great Wise Owls’, soaring high towards the Tower of London. A truly marvellous party hosted by the Tower’s world famous ravens takes place with all the Tower of London’s historical animals, dancing and singing. With only a limited amount of time to get back to their picnic spot, Henry and Kathleen are against time to find hidden clues throughout the Tower of London’s narrow passages, dodging laser beams, hidden tiny rooms and with many twists and turns. Henry and Kathleen’s aim is to find the Crown Jewels before it’s too late! Getting chased out of the Tower by the Queen’s medieval metal armoured Guards and setting off alarm bells, Henry and Kathleen finally get saved!

“I wanted to create a fun-based learning experience that would embed important etiquette lessons in stories that young children actually want to read,” explains the author. “Each story puts the fun and adventure first, and then intelligently weaves wisdom around the experiences, characters and challenges that the child, Henry and Kathleen encounter.”

Continuing, “Social skills are of course the bedrock of anyone’s success in life, and etiquette is one piece of the puzzle that is often missing when we bring up children either personally or professionally. These books plug that gap in a way that will have youngsters curious to continue the enchantment!”

The entire ‘Henry and Kathleen’ series is available now, from the author’s official website.


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