Monday, January 17, 2011

Growing New Jersey Pagans Community - Guest Post By NJ Pagan Group Moderator Cher Njp

What does Community Really mean to you?

I've been working with NJ pagans for 9 years with many people at my side, a lot of what I work with is helping others realize that it's OK to be yourself. Once we find others that share the same beliefs you realize it's not so bad to come out and tell people who you are and be proud of it.

"Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free." author unknown

NJ pagans is already All Groups in one We did that years ago, We have every organization, coven, Every store in NJ and neighboring states involved, musicians, People from all over our wonderful State...We again are about Community and active for 9 years, we know everyone, we are everyone!!

How does Community work?

We have had our ups and downs the past year with people trying to bring down the group but every good group goes through their challenges to be tested and once again showed "Community Works!" People that stood together and locked arms to protect NJ Pagans and keep it from closing down show that there are thousands of us that are true to our beliefs and stand by who we are. I'm so proud to see so many come forward and not be scared to protect us. It's sad how there are some people that want to bring destruction to something that is working for community but that just brings more strength between the people that care and hopefully teaches those that carry hate. Reminds me of times when someone's house burned down and everyone came up with Hammers and nails to re build again.

When one person falls and you see hundreds come out to help there is no words how wonderful that feels and that is New Jersey. We have so many wonderful people that share free time, so many wonderful covens that open their arms for community rituals/prayers, share wonderful thoughts, share brilliant events and we have so many stores that bring us so many great classes. And to think before New Jersey Pagans was born we didn't know about a lot of these people. We brought you all together and proves when we're not alone there is nothing we can establish together!

We have a long way to go yet!

NJ Pagans We don't focus on one thing, we focus on many different things in our community, Politics, Wars, Homeless, Pets, health, employment, teachers, organizations of all kinds, covens, much much more. I feel we have a lot more growing to do and a lot more to reach out to, as a community we can make things happen if we stick together!

What we need to work on more is getting more involved, opening up more choices for most of us to go for rituals, finding places we can set up food and clothe drives. We need to expand ourselves and hopes to find more to benefit our Community.

 Cher is the group moderator of the NJ Pagans Group as well as many other pagan related websites. Learn more about Cher by visiting any one of her groups or networking sites.

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