Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taking Charge - Guest Post by Pagan Blogger Kerr Cuhulain

If you’re a Pagan, you shouldn’t worship. Worship implies bowing down to something outside of you, which makes no sense at all if you believe, as I do, that the divine is within. The divine is not something separate from us. We are all divine. The divine flows through us all. We all have a personal link to divinity that can inspire us to achieve great things. Don’t sit around praying for someone or something else to take your responsibilities and fix your mistakes for you. Modern knights like me enhance their strength and energy with a positive attitude and take the initiative. You need to take responsibility for your life, get down to work, and get things done.

Helping yourself has a lot to do with your attitude towards life. Life can be chaotic, but if you approach it with a positive attitude, believing that you have responsibility for your destiny, then you will have that control. If you think of life as a test or a challenge, then you’ll have lots of challenges to face. In fact most of the knights of our Order of Scáthach discovered that the moment that they stood up and told the world that they were claiming their power and taking responsibility for their lives, the universe turned around and gave them something to be responsible for. It tested them. If you’re prepared to face those challenges, that shouldn’t present a problem. If you give way to melancholy, then it will be difficult to see your world as anything but depressing, and the longer that you stay that way, the harder it will be to shake loose of that depression. Some people sit around moaning “why me?” Modern knights stand up and say: “Why not?” Discontent should be a catalyst leading to action. There’s an old proverb: "People are not old until their regrets take the place of their dreams." Focus on the pursuit of your dreams and don’t waste time on regrets.

Once a martial artist or a member of the Order of Scáthach puts on a black belt indicating that they are a master, they’re sending a message to the world and to the Gods: Test me. Once you commit to modern knighthood, you commit to following certain principles, and to being tested by the Gods. You cannot stand up and claim your power and not permit yourself to be tested. Life is a test, and you’ve been given that power to survive it. These tests temper your strength and you emerge from these situations even stronger. They confirm what you’ve mastered and reveal what needs work. Things don’t always turn out the way that we expect. It brings to mind another old magickal adage: Be careful what you ask for, because you’ll get it. You should welcome these tests as a means to hone your mastery.

Recognize that you are divine and that the work of the Gods is your own. Take responsibility for your life and let the knowledge that you have power bring you satisfaction and peace of mind. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, now is the time to discover your power, take control of your life, and find peace. Modern knights are leaders, and are committed to both teaching and helping others. You’re the light that guides others. Your example should be their inspiration. Let’s look at that inspiration and the creativity that flows from it.

In Her Service, Kerr Cuhulain
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Kerr Cuhulain has been a Wiccan for 40 years and was involved in anti-defamation activism and hate crimes investigation for the Pagan community from 1986 to 2005.  Kerr was awarded the Shield of Valor by the Witches League for Public Awareness.  Kerr is the author of the Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca, Witch Hunts, Wiccan Warrior, Full Contact Magick and Magickal Self Defense.  Kerr has a column with 182 articles on anti-defamation issues and hate crimes on The Witches’ Voice web site called Witch Hunts.  His latest book, Modern Knighthood, is now a Smashwords ebook.  He is the co author of a safety book for social workers and nurses: Safe Approach. He is starting to write fantasy fiction now also.

Kerr is the former Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon, an organization representing Neo-Pagan professionals in the emergency services (police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians).  Kerr retired from the Vancouver Police Department in November 2005 after serving 29 years with them.  He was awarded the Governor General’s Exemplary Service Medal.  Kerr's past job assignments within the VPD include the Emergency Response Team, Hostage Negotiator, Child Abuse Investigator, Gang Crime Unit, and the Mental Health Emergency Services Unit.  Kerr is currently working as a police dispatcher and trainer for ECOMM for Southwestern BC

Kerr is the Grand Master and founder of a Wiccan order of Knighthood called the Order of Scáthach in Surrey, British Columbia in October 2007.  The Order is now a registered society in the province of British Columbia and the sponsor of Vancouver Pagan Pride.  The Order of Scáthach embraces the Warrior philosophies, precepts and code of chivalry outlined in Kerr’s books.  The Order of Scáthach is a study group for people interested in Wiccan magick, energy work and rituals related to the Warrior path, focusing on empowerment, personal development and creative expression.  The training focuses on the effective use of magickal energy and developing psychic skills.


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