Friday, January 14, 2011

Imbolc Crafts - Guest Post by Blogger Stacy Evans

As I was scratching my brain, so to speak, to come up with a craft for our upcoming Sabbat of Imbolc, I found some great ideas.

Brighid's Crosses, Acorn tipped wands.  Brighid being the goddess of inspiration and creativity, it wasn't hard to find things.  Pretty much anything you can make yourself can be considered an Imbolc Craft, be it crochet,knitting,paper craft, word craft or anything in between.  Great ideas would be to write a poem, crochet something for the kitchen, or make homemade bread, as Brighid is also the goddess of hearth and home.  I settled on Brighid's cross. 

After looking up some instructions, and setting to give it a first shot, it became quite clear that for the novice or child crafter, something like this would be far too hard.  So I gave it some thought and came up with an alternative, a God's Eye.  Or in this case, a Goddess' Eye! 

All you need:  A ball of multicolored Yarn, in Imbolc colors.  Those colors vary by person, but to me they are white, pink, red and yellow.  My yarn had no white in it, but it had the rest!  You will also need two popsicle or craft sticks.  I used bamboo skewers for this, but to make it family friendly craft sticks are probably the best choice. 

Put your sticks together so they form an x or a cross.  If you are using craft sticks, a great idea is to glue them together so that you don't have to be quite so dexterous.  Loop the yarn around so that it forms an x on the front side, as in the first picture, and tie a knot in the back.\

Hold the x so that it is a + .  Loop the yarn around the front of the top, as in this next picture.  You can see the eye beginning to come together in this, as I took it after I had done a few rounds.  More pictures can be found at this link.

  Then turn it counter-clockwise, so that the next one at the top was the one on your left.  Look it around the same way, from the front around and over.  Just keep going around and around like that until it is as large as you wish it to be.  Then tie the string to the one from the back and you are done!  Here is a picture of my finished Goddess' eye. 

These are great to put on altars at Imbolc, or even just to hang in windows.

Hope everyone has a great Imbolc!

Goddess Bless!


Stacy Evans is the author of the blog Inspired by Life .  She is a work at home Wiccan mom.  She lives with her husband and daughter in Alberta, Canada.  She has been practicing wicca for 10 years.  Find her on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. Nice tutorial!!! This is kind of hard for me!!! But I will tyr it out!!!Thanks!!!