Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stone Magic - Guest Post by Pagan Artisan Michelle Salsbery

                Stones have held a fascination for me since my early days in the Craft.  They come in such a wide variety of colors, patterns and shapes, and there seems to be a stone for every purpose under the Sun.  Besides being gorgeous, they are long-lasting, hold energy well and can often be used discreetly--active spells can be disguised as jewelry, paperweights or decor.
                Often, spherical crystals are used for scrying.  I am not much for scrying, myself--more of a Tarot person, I guess--but I do keep a nice pink marble sphere to stare at in meditation.  It's a soothing color, cool to the touch and comfortable in my hand, and staring at it is incredibly calming.  is that magic?  Maybe, maybe not.  Useful, though.
                Another use for stones, and one I frequently utilize, is as a substitute or symbol.  I adore symbols--it's one of the things that attracted me to Wicca.  I use several green aventurine to stand in for the element of Earth when I cast a circle, for example.
                Okay, using a green rock to symbolize Earth is a little obvious, I grant you.  Other stones make good stand-ins for the other elements.  For instance, carnelian (a bright orange stone) can be used in place of fire, fluorite (usually clear or purple) for air, or lapis lazuli (which is blue) for water.  This is useful when incense or open flame might not be advisable.
                Stones used as symbols of the elements won't get you into trouble in a hotel room (try burning incense in a Holiday Inn sometime.)  And they won't cause airport security to give you raised eyebrows like trying to bring an Air dagger with you.  Heck, you could probably leave them in place as home decor without tipping off your parents/roommate/coworkers about your faith if you're still in the broom closet.
                My favorite use of stones, though, is as charms. 
                Years ago, when I went before a promotion board for the Army, I was ridiculously nervous.  To give myself a little help, I made myself a promotion sachet.  I included a piece of carnelian (for assertiveness,) a clear quartz crystal (for clear thinking,) and a malachite (for luck.)  And I carried my little charm to the board.

                Did I amaze everyone there with my prowess?  Well, no.  Assertiveness and quick thinking are just not virtues I possess in large quantity, magic or no magic.  But I did get my promotion.  The Goddess and my own magic went right into the board with me, and not only do I believe they helped me in the board, but just knowing the magic was there helped me feel a little less nervous.
                I carried a hematite in my pocket for several weeks to defend against a very negative coworker.  I've found that it helps me to keep up a reflective 'force field' that negativity bounces off of.
                I love stone jewelry as a charm.  My own favorite necklace is one I made myself, out of lepidolite and opal.  The particular stones I chose to help with depression. 
                Not, 'the blues,' although presumably the stones would help with that, too.  Clinical depression.  Which sucks.
                Anyway, lepidolite is a pinkish stone which helps increase self-acceptance, as well as smoothing life's hardships a little bit.  Opal is for tranquility, recover, and helps with insight and achieving one's potential.
                I like to think the magic of the stones helps me manage my illness.  Another benefit, which I didn't realize until I started wearing the necklace, is that it reminds me to do the things I'm supposed to do in order to feel better--use coping strategies, meditate, think positive and so forth.  Seeing my depression necklace keeps my well-being in my thoughts, and that helps me stay sane.
                Thank you, reader, for visiting with me.  I wish you good luck and peace in yourself.
                Blessed Be.

Michelle Salsbery, a.k.a. the Luminous Kitten, runs an etsy store at www.luminouskitten.etsy.comShe is currently leaving the military after 15 years, and has been a Pagan of various flavors for about 14 years.  She lives in Watertown, NY with her husband and three very spoiled cats.


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