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Personal Code of Ethics - Guest Post by Blogger Wendy Conover

So many subjects call to my heart, it often gets over whelming where
to begin in gaining some sort of foot hold in the chaos.I think one thing that calls to me deeply as a dirt lovein, tree huggin, wild craftin,soul seekin, energy healin, Boo boo, fixin Witch. Is the work involved to get  ones self in order, to better be able to fill the roles we have come tocherish on our paths.

From the perspective of my own experience I feel a great place to begin is a personal code of ethics. As this is not in itself defined by faith or social standing. This is not an easy thing to define.I have discovered though some things that might help define it a bit better along the way.Most have a misconception regarding honor. Ones code of ethics can be thought of as ones personal code of honor

    Personally, much of this was difficult to come to terms with.
Like many I was swimming upstream in the river of DeNile!  Honor is not being this chivalrous knight protecting the weak, nor is it as modern media shows us the Honor killings in some cultures defending tradition and personal insult. Most folks think of being ethical as doing what's right, following blindly the moral values and standards of one's society. Do you? I know I do not. Nor do I follow blindly the currents of my various communities as far as what is considered an ethical life.

   Much of this was inspired by Magic, Mystery, and Medicine by Krisitn Madden.These are some of the exercises. At first glance, they seem simple enough.Soo Not! These exercises outline that ones personal code is ones own, and have proven to be such a valuable tool for me.For which I am grateful to
her for having written them.

It is not an easy road to define ones self and what one believes, but it
does not need be difficult either. We all want to see ourselves as
ethical,honorable folks, holding our own power and walking our talk.
But do you?
Does it needs some serious examination and work to really get to the core
of who we really are vs who we think we should be.Facing ones self is always the hardest of tasks.I learned long ago you need to clean you own house before you can clean anyone else's.
Let's start with this.

 "Guidelines for Ethical Decision Making.

1.Is it legal? Do you have permission?

2.Will it harm anyone in body, mind or spirit?

3.Is it fair to, and in the best interests of, everyone involved?

4.How would you feel if everyone knew about it?

5.How will it make you feel about you self?

6.Do you feel the need to justify it?

7.Have you explored your motivations?

8.What response do you your spirit guides give when this decision is
Brought to them?

9.How would you feel if someone did the same thing to you?"

Common Justifications

1.It came from Spirit/my spirit guides

2.Everyone else does it

3.No one will know

4.This is what I have time for .It's good enough

5.I can handle it. I don't need help. It's my responsibility's not my responsibility"

 Create a Mission Statement
A concise one or two sentence statement of your purpose, what exactly is
it you intend to accomplish in your healing practice? Now I used Healing
practice because I am a healer but use any think in this that applies to
you.This turns into a general setting of intent for your practice.

 Vision Statement
A concise statement of the specific ways you plan to accomplish that
mission.Usually one to two paragraphs that begins with your mission

Code of Ethics
Create an outline of the Ethical standards you live and work through.This
is generally a list of Statements about your aspirations, hopes, and
Ideals as well as a list of rules, principals and promises.

All of these should be revisited often and when necessary adjusted

"In my mind, Honor is about practicing what you preach and living your
ethical code. It includes integrity and also involves doing the right
thing.simply because it is the right thing, not because you will get something out of it. It also brings in the concepts of listening, honesty, learning to communicate well, tolerance and humility. Honor means holding your power,remaining connected to spirit, and acting from that sacred space within"

  It really is a eye opener when we begin to explore this part of our selves
fully and openly the lil things that seemed so huge really are nothing but
a speck of dust on the bigger vision. If you got this far in reading my
ramblings thanks for reading through and I hope you take the time to learn
more of this part of yourself to learn to walk your talk and hold your
power fully in Honor and integrity Change only comes when we are open enough to see the need for it. Then apply the means to make it happen. Another lesson we can all stand to revisit often to keep aware.
Wendy Conover is a pagan artisan and the author of the the new blog, Celestial Puddle Jumping.  Connect with her through her blog or on face book.  You can also view some of her work at When Spirits Dance.


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