Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pagan Prayers - Guest Post by Pagan Blogger Patrick McCleary

n a lot of the articles that I write, I talk a lot about the importance of a Strong and Spiritual Pagan Family and on how to begin crafting one. So here is an article on that second word, Spiritual.

 believe that one of the first steps towards becoming more spiritual is to find and strengthen a connection to the Divine.

One of the best ways to do this is to pray and often. Whether you pray to greet the day or to bid it farewell; pray to give thanks for your food or pray to have a conversation. It is all prayer and it all builds and strengthens that connection with the divine

In a family this connection needs to be a common one. Now don't think that I'm saying that individual connections are not important, because they are. But a family should act and exist as a separate entity, with its own connection.

I can almost hear the questions now. Prayer? Isn't that something that the other religion does? And if we do pray, how do we do it?

Prayer is something that is missing in much of mainstream Paganism. We have no problem having a conversation with the Gods while we are in circle. But for us to just strike up a conversation, it seems to be on par with the Labors of Hercules, at least with some people. And this should not be the case. Our connection with immanent Deities is what makes our religion unique and special for so many of us. So who cares what the other religions do and do not do? We can and should pray, if only to get closer to the Goddess and God.

The second question still remains though. How are we supposed to pray? There is certainly no guideline out there. And there should not be because there are many paths to the Gods as there are people and families trying to get to them.

But here are some tips to help you get started.
·      ake a moment to ground everyone. You can have everyone visualize themselves as a tree. With their roots deep in the Earth and their arms and branches stretching far up into the sky. They can visualize the negativity and stress going down into the Earth and good, positive energy coming in through their branches, like sunlight on the leaves.
·      eep it simple. There are no extra points for being the most eloquent or long-winded. State your intent and your message clearly.
·      eep the ages of your children in mind. The younger they are the less they will be able and wiling to sit through.
·      ake sure that you are not just saying the words. Mean what you are saying.
·      ive everyone a chance to both lead and add input if they so desire.
·      his should be a two way street. While you can talk, they can also talk back. So make sure that you give yourself time to listen. Unless you are just saying thanks for the bounties that you have received.
·      nd remember don't just pray when you need help. This is about having a conversation. The Gods should be like an extended part of our families. Not so extended that we never talk to them, but more like best friends that are like brothers and/or sisters. 
·      ut most importantly is to just do it. Pray and pray often. The more you do it the easier it gets.

If the idea of prayer still makes you squeamish, then think of it as an extended form of meditation. My prayer oftentimes can be described as prayerful meditation. I meditate on the wonders and mysteries of the Goddess and the God and along the way we start a conversation.

So as we go forward from today, try this out. Start with some private prayer in your own life and then move on to add in your spouse and then your kids. Begin with simple dinner prayers and maybe a prayer before bed. Later you start spending time a few days a week communing with your family, both earthly and Godly. 

Patrick McCleary is a Pagan dad and hence he runs the blog PaganDad. He also started and moderates the Pagan Village a place for Pagan parents to network with and support each other. He is also the founder of The Pagan Household, started with the idea of giving back to the wider community.


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