Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coming Soon! Morrigan Cover Reveal- Help Spread the Word and Build Your Following - Free Blogger Event!!

If you haven't heard the news, my newest YA novel, Morrigan, will be released October 5th, 2012 through Ruby Lioness Press! I've actually had the cover done for quite a while, but of course I couldn't share it until everything was official. The reveal will take place sometime in August, and I want to celebrate with a big giveaway! So far, the giveaway includes a $20 Amazon GC, a signed copy of Destiny, a rose quartz pendant, three packs of incense, three crystal points, a crystal pendant, and a geode.  I also have a few other sponsors who might be taking part, including The Sisters Elemental, who will be creating a custom set of runes as well as a few other items.

I thought this time around, I'd try something a little different that my normal giveaways. If you are willing to help me spread the news about my new book by posting the book cover and giveaway on your blog, I will add one of your networks to the rafflecopter entry form.  If you do a preview post, letting other bloggers know about this opportunity by posting it on your blog,  I'll add two free entry links to the rafflecopter form. Choose any networks you like, including but not limited to face book, twitter, GFC, newsletters, pinterest and more.  I will provide all the information. You just need to cut and paste it into your blog.  Its super easy and only takes about five minutes. I have taken part in many giveaways like this and it has helped boost my following tremendously on both face book and twitter! If you are interested in taking part in this event, just fill out the Bravenet form found here.

Now,this is my first time attempting this sort of event, so please be kind and have patience with me if any issues arise.  I am hoping this event can be successful for all those who participate and that it will be tons of fun!

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