Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book Review - AlmaMia Cienfuegos: a Story of Blood, Scars and Nightmares by Magaly Guerrro

In dreams, nine-year-old AlmaMia Cienfuegos chokes on the tears and blood that bubble out of her eyes, while her sister, Soledad, gloats over the younger girl’s broken body.

Mamabuela, AlmaMia’s grandmother, insists Soledad means no harm; and AlmaMia knows the difference between nightmares and reality, but her sister still frightens her. When AlmaMia refuses to hand in a family heirloom, Soledad’s rage sends the Cienfuegos family over the edge.

Set in the Dominican Republic, “AlmaMia Cienfuegos” tells a story where blood deceives, nightmares rot, and sisters wage war on each other.

MagalyGuerrero writes, reads, and dreams dark fiction. She is the author of Pagan Culture, a blog about everyday life through the eyes of a dark fiction writer. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and at
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My Thoughts:
I have been a follower of Magaly's blog, Pagan Culture, for almost two years now. As hectic as my schedule can be, her blog is one of the few I try to read each day. I love her commentary, her wit, and most of all, her flare for dark fiction.  Since I was already familiar with her writing style, I was anxious to devour her first published work. It wasn't a disappointment.  Magaly has an amazing ability to touch the soul with her words. As you follow little AlmaMia through her trials, you will laugh and you will weep. Mostly you'll weep. This little girl endures more than any child should have to bare. She is subjected to the abuse of a wicked older sister and a mother who cares little for her second born child. She is also haunted by "things that bleed and rot", and ridiculed by her sister. The only bright side in AlmaMia's life is her Mamabuela, who shelters her from the rest of the family and the ghosts that haunt her. 
Magaly presents a realistic painting of life in the Caribbean and gets into the mind of a child in a way that is no less than astounding.  The elements of magic in the story are enchanting. I love the idea of a charm bracelet that has protected the Cienfuegos family for generations, and its easy to love the crone who guards her granddaughter from  the monsters on both the physical and spiritual realm. At the end of the story, shocking family secrets are revealed that left me wide eyed with wonder, and definitely wanting more from his fabulous author! I am hoping to see a full length novel from her in the near future. In the meantime, the $.99 for this short story is a worthy investment.

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  1. For some reason, my heart is jumping really, really fast. Thanks for the wonderful review. I do hope to fulfill your wish rather soon ;-)