Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Destiny Unveiled Altar Set at The Whimsical Pixie!

You might remember a few months back I hosted a giveaway for an amazing pagan altar set which was created by Paula from The Whimsical Pixie and inspired by my novel, Destiny Unveiled.  Well, Paula never ceases to amaze me! She has now created a another altar set with even more goodies included. Because their is a scene in the book where on the characters have a impromptu beach ritual using seashells and a driftwood wand, she even threw in those items! Here is the description and a few more photos so you can see everything you get with the package.

 The book's cover was recreated on the altar box lid; the design was first set in pyrography, painted, stain and given a protective coating of high gloss polycrylic. The flower Celtic knot pentagram is seen and talked about in both books. In the original kit the catch phrase "Unveil your Destiny" was pyrographed on the back of the tile. I have left this one blank allowing you to choose your desired phrase or leave blank. Red paint was floated around the perimeter to coordinate with the Blood Moon of the cover. A red rose in full bloom was used on both millefiori* pieces; the censor and charcoal tongs. It symbolizes the main characters destiny being unveiled.

A scene in the book tells of the young hero doing spell work on the beach using a drift wood wand to cast a circle and sea shells to form a pentagram. Both of these have been included as well as censor sand and a roll of charcoal disks so you can perform your own ritual. Whether you're just starting to walk the path or have for years, this kit makes an attractive addition to your ritual tools.

The retail value of this set is $90.95, which is a great price for so many hand made pieces. But as an added bonus, the first person to make a purchase will also receive a FREE signed copy of Destiny Unveiled.   So head on over to the Whimsical Pixie and get your altar set today.


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