Thursday, July 12, 2012

Book Spotlight & Giveaway Strange and Beautiful: Tales from the Coffin Book One by Joanne Henrick

Estella, Vampire Queen of the Rejected, is sick of men. Or so she would have you think. Ditched at the altar by Dracula himself, she'd rather spend her days with what she now believes to be the more faithful gender. Plagued by a Haversham complex, she gets her kicks by luring prey into her decrepit house with promises of erotic tales...but mind your manners, and fingers, because she bites.
Lucy Rotterdayne—a zombie better known as Lucy Rot—is Estella's sometimes-faithful subject and lover. Although why she hangs around to be ridiculed and taunted by a bitter vampire, she has no idea. Perhaps the answer is rooted the story of how she was zombified by a doctor who is simply masterful with his hands?
WARNING. This is erotic horror. Happy ever afters are not guaranteed. For adult audiences only.
Strange and Beautiful Trailer

JoAnne Kenrick grew up in a small sea-side town in North Wales. Having experienced life in several different countries, she now lives in North Carolina with her husband, two children and a lazy cat. When they aren’t demanding her attention, she can most likely be found watching a vampire movie, reading, or baking up a British feast in her kitchen. And if she isn't in one of those spots, she is probably hiding in her writer's cave.

JoAnn Kenrick Giveaway July 9 - 24th

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