Sunday, July 29, 2012

My First Official Fangirl!

Back in January (I think) I hosted a giveaway for a prize pack of odds and ends as part of my Phantom cover reveal. The winner of the giveaway was from Poland. For some reason, I found this very exciting, and even though it wasn't part of the prize pack, I threw in a signed copy of my debut novel, Destiny.  If I never get a chance to travel the world, I figured at least my book would!  I had no idea at the time that the winner was a blogger or an actual teenager! Of all the people who have read my books (that I've talked to), not one has been a teen. Yet, this is the age group I'm geared towards. So now I was beyond excited and moving into elated!  I started following her blog, which is called Disincentive Reviews.

It took awhile for the book to reach her, and when it did there were exams and schoolwork that took precedence. When she finally started reading, she tweeted updates and posted her progress on good reads. She also comments regularly on my blog posts.  I was so overwhelmed with all her support. She also had some technical difficulties which delayed things, but with that finally resolved, she posted her review today. It was definitely worth the wait! She completely made my day, and I feel like I have a real fan! The kind of fan every writer dreams of having. Here is just a sample of what she had to say:

 Laura handles a lot of topics… Easily. Want a list? Homosexuality, alcoholism, rape, sex (everything PG), murder, cancer, orphans, religion, friendship… So many topics and everything was developed and described perfectly.

You can read the full review here. I am really impressed with how well Disincentive expresses her opinions, not only because of her young age, but also because English is not her native language. I see a budding author here! If you want to get the skinny on some really great YA books and even some adults titles, her blog is a great one to follow. She is always honest and I have found some pretty interesting reads thanks to her suggestions. Stop by her blog to say hello and be sure to tell her that I sent you!

You can get your copy of Destiny for only $.99 for the e-book or $14.95 for the print copy on amazon!

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  1. This is excellent! So happy for you! I am still reading my book ;o) I know I am slow! LOL!