Monday, May 14, 2012

The Cast of the Destiny Series

I think every writer dreams of the day they'll see their books on the big screen.  Even if that did happen with Destiny, I doubt I would have much say over the casting. But it's still fun to dream, and to pick out the cast!  I have been working on my cast for Destiny since I first started writing the books back in the 90's. I've made changes as new faces have emerged, but there are a few that have stayed the same all these years. Today I thought I'd share by current picks for the main characters in Destiny & Destiny Unveiled. Some of these folks may already be too old to play teenagers, but it's all in good fun.

Gabrielle DiPaola - Nina Dorbrev

I have been struggling with my pick for the lead of Gabriella for years. But finally, thanks to my husband's love of the Sci Fi channel, I have made my decision. He was watching some movie about a werewolf and she was the star. Nina is exactly the way I envisioned Gabriella. She will need some colored contacts for the violet eyes, but I think Hollywood can pull it off.

Darron Zukawski-Evan Williams
Having a tween in the house has really helped with this task. I saw this guy in an episode of "Victorious" and I knew I had finally found my Darron. Looks like he has only had a few small roles, but I want to give him his big break as the male lead in Destiny.

Monte Holden - Andrew DiPalma

Believe it or not, this handsome young man is my baby cousin. He has been doing pretty well on the acting scene with some small roles in movies like "We are Marshall" and most recently, a hilarious part in an episode of "Cougar Town". He just turned thirty, so we always joke that they need to hurry up and make Destiny into a movie before he's too old to be in it.  You can check out my cousin on his website ( ). Wow, an actor and a writer! Aren't we one seriously talented family?! LOL

Flora Zarfati-Heather Matarazzo
My daughter definitely had a hand in finding Heather.  She loves the Princess Diaries, and Heather played Mia's best friend. While I had to stereotype such a great actress into the dorky best friend role, she is definitely fitting for that part.

Richard Hodge-David Bowie

I always knew I wanted David Bowie to play Richard. He was the right look, and even the sexy British accent. And we all know he has that dark side to him after his amazing portrayal of the Goblin King in "The Labyrinth". On a side note, Richard name was originally Gunther, but I decided to change his name after meeting one of the insurance underwriters I worked with from Lloyds of London. He wasn't an evil warlock or anything, but he did have a hot British accent.

Adelaide DiPaola - Laura Bonariggo
I grew up watching "One Life to Live" with my grandmother, and Laura played one of my favorite characters, Cassie Carpenter. I always thought she was so beautiful when I was a little girl, so of course she would be my first pick to play the role of Gabby's mom.

Hugh DiPaola-Kevin Sorbo
I have always  been a huge fan of  Kevin Sorbo ever since he was on Hercules (I know my dorkiness is showing again), so I had to squeeze him into the cast somewhere. He's definitely too old play a teen, but I decided he'd be perfect for Gabby's dad. But maybe that's just because I want to see him in his underwear... 

Linda Holden - Cassie DePaiva
 Cassie is another One Life to Live star (I am so sad that they cancelled it). She is not only a fabulous actress and amazing singer, she's also a really nice lady. I have an aunt with Downs Syndrome who adores Cassie, and she sent her a personal letter in her own handwriting, as well as a bunch of signed photos. It will also be really cool to reunite Cassie and Laura because they played cousins on One Life To Live.

Donna Brown-Sarah Alexander
If you've seen Stardust, you might recognize Sarah Alexander as one of the three witches. I chose her to play Donna because she actually  has similar features to the real Donna (on the right), and the same small, pixie like stature. I would want her to darken up her hair for the role, but aside from that, she's perfect. Donna is one of my best friends and coven sisters. She is also the one who encouraged me to make Destiny a series, so it only seemed fitting  to make her a character.

Miranda Brown-Elizabeth Gillies
Miranda has an attitude from the second she comes on the scene, and Elizabeth Gillies has experience with attitude.  She plays one of the characters in "Victorious" and I don't think I ever saw her smile.
Of course, there are other characters who  I'd like to cast, but I didn't want to make this post go on forever. These are the main characters. Most of them are in both books, except for Donna and Miranda who make their first appearance in Destiny Unveiled.  I really don't watch much television or movies, so finding suitable actors is harder than you might think.

Did you read the books? Do you like my casting choices, or do you know of someone who might be a better fit? I'd love for others to share their casting choices for the Destiny series.

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  1. It's nice to imagine what the characters should look like as I read the book! Crossing my fingers that you get your movie one day soon!

    Julie @ The Gerber Babies

  2. This was so much fun!! I would love to see this come true! Congrats to your baby cousin! Very talented family indeed ;o)

  3. I think it's great to imagine which celebrities would play the different roles in your book. I'm still struggling to complete my first draft so I'm not ready to visualize the movie yet. Or should I?

  4. Carmen-I didn't start casting my book until the first one was done. But while I was writing the sequel I kept looking for people to play the new characters:)

  5. OK PLEASE get this made into a movie, Kevin Sorbo in undies - YES PLEASE LOL! I was a big fan of his & Keith Hamilton Cobb in Andromeda too :)

    1. LOL-I also liked Andromeda. Did you know Keith also started out on a soap opera-He was Noah on All My Children :)

  6. Holy cow! Darron is beautiful....

  7. Love it!! I am also a OLTL fan and was so sad when they cancelled it :( My best friend (also a OLTL fan!) just got Destiny for the Kindle tonight, so we are reading it together :)

    1. Awesome! I can't wait to hear what you think of Destiny. And I miss OLTL too! :)

  8. perfect choices I have faith all will work out the way it is suppose to I told yoiu that years ago I love you work and always will. you are a talented person love you and blessing for all good things to come to you and your family

    1. Thanks Chell-Love you too:) Your support means the world to me!

  9. Hopefully someone will pickup your books one day and say, I want to make a movie out of this and you will get all of the actors you want! Hope your dream comes true before your cousin is too old for his role! Maybe he will have to play Dad? :P

  10. Great choices for the characters, hope your book does make it to a movie!!

    (Lori Thomas)

  11. I'm already into this seeing that David Bowie is involved. =)

  12. What a fun idea!!! Love this. This has got me thinking about my life. Who would I want to play the characters in my life?