Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sizzling Summer Reads Sponsor Spotlight! Edin Road Press

With a eye on the future of publishing and reading, Edin Road is dedicated to providing classic stories for a digital world. They strive to find the best literature from up-and-coming authors to provide to readers, in eBook format. This month, they will also be releasing their very first paperback edition! See their current list of releases below. All of these titles are or will be available for purchase on Amazon and via the Edin Road website.

 The Adventures of the Magnificent Seven by David Roth

Their names are Lisanne, JosÎl, Kristof, Anton, Sabas, Dak, and Alyse, but they're far better known by their traveling name, The Magnificent Seven. Best friends for life, if you find one of them, odds are you'll find the other six. Children of far reaching and vivid imaginations, their creative fantasies have taken them to such places as outer space, the Orient Express, white water rafting, the circus, and others. What always starts as an adventure in the real world quickly becomes an adventure of the imagination for them, with a puzzle to solve before reality sets back in. Enter the world of the Magnificent!

Illusions and Reality by Jessie J.W. Coffey

Illusions and Reality is a collection of work that runs the gamut from humor to romance, with a touch of horror thrown in to keep you awake nights. There are moments of tears and moments of giggles found within the short stories offered. And a few shivers along the way. And if that wasn't enough to leave you breathless, also included is a chapter excerpt from J.W. Coffey's, A Wager of Blood. Illusions and Reality will leave you wondering...which is which?

 The Brothers Cameron: An Opportunity for Resentment by J.W.Coffey

 Stephan Cameron is impetuous and lusty; William Cameron is measured and romantic. Only one thing can divide the brothers--an attraction to the Lady Jessica Chynoweth, a flirty redhead who seems to have eyes for both of them--and the baron besides. Only one thing can bring them together again--bringing the murderer of their father to justice. If it doesn't kill them first, they will!

A Wager of Blood by J. W. Coffey

 It was in the year 1760, when it all began with an innocent game of dice. And before the night was over, four people were dead and a man was driven insane by greed.  And in the present day, four friends will learn the secrets and face the demons of that night. And one of them will learn the most important lesson of all. When you dice with the devil, every toss is A Wager of Blood.

By Right of Blood by Lorrieann Russell Coming May 29th

William Fylbrigge arrives at Drumoak in Stonehaven, a frightened, starving, abused child believing he’s been sent to foster with the demon earl Lord Edward, who eats children and sleeps under a quilt made of the skin of his victims — a lie he’s been told his entire young life. William is ill prepared to claim what is his by right of blood and his place among the powerful clan he has been born into. But, under Lord Edward's guidance and with new friends he meets at Drumoak beside him, young Will blossoms and thrives. But older brother Thomas doesn't want to share what he thinks is rightfully his, secretly arranging to have the young lad killed in a convenient "accident." William could lose everything, including his life

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