Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sizzling Summer Reads Sponsor Spotlight! Author Matthew Vossler

 Dream Crossing by Matthew Vossler

A young man set on revenge, finds himself caught between his new found love, and her strange world that's plunging into war.

If you liked the movie "Inception," you'll love the book, "Dream Crossing."

Duncan Wright is a bright and promising eleventh grader, who has a problem with Craig the school bully. Hoping for a solution, he reads all the books in the local library on the subject of magic. But when he begins practicing astral travel at night, he discovers this kind of magic is no parlor game. One night, Duncan crosses into the other boy's dream to confront him in the astral plane. Before he can claim revenge, he becomes caught in Lastra, a land on the brink of war. In this strange new land, Duncan is a foundling who strives to learn the secret to returning home. The ancient legend reveals only the possibility of a return and the path home remains a mystery. Duncan has to live up to a prophecy or forever be imprisoned in a land quickly descending into darkness...

 About the Author

Society tries to fit each of us into a mold. Well, it didn't quite work on me, and the truth of it is, I don't know a single person who fits the mold.

If you're like me, you aren't like me, or anyone else. I like to read certain kinds of books, though perhaps not the same kinds of books you like. I like certain kinds of people, though perhaps not the same kinds of people you like. I like to live, love, work, and play in certain ways, though I bet you are quite different.

But we can talk about it. I can learn about you, in fact, I love learning about other people. And you can learn about what I'm all about, if even at a distance. With all of the issues and problems we have today, we can probably agree that we also have fantastic opportunities. Never before in our history could we go to our desk, kitchen table, or to the local library or cafe, push a few buttons on a keyboard and strike up a conversation with someone on the other side of the world, and essentially for free. We all have this great opportunity to celebrate our diversity and expand our views. I don't know about you, but I find that exciting!

So here's my bio. I was born in 1963 in upstate New York. I took advantage of the opportunities I had. I spent summers at our family cottage on Lake Huron, I went to college after attending public high school, I got a job as a paralegal, I fell in love with a woman, and started a family. And somewhere along the way, I found a love of reading and writing. Someone once said that all you ever needed to know to write good stories, you learned in kindergarten, and that's probably true. I hope I never stop writing. There's so much to write about. The only real limit is the hours in a day.

You can connect with Matthew Vossler on his blog, Life Blender-Balance of Life


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