Friday, July 27, 2012

FREE TODAY!! OLD JACOB (The "Old" Adventures of Hailey and Jared Series 1)

The copper smell was overwhelming, then it hit me, blood smelled like copper. Behind me I heard a crazy high-pitched laugh!

It was the last day of summer before school started. Hailey and her best friend Jared wanted it to be a day to be remembered but when they went on their new adventure to Old Jacob's mine it ended up being a day they would want to forget!

Even though Hailey is a girl, you'd have to call her a tomboy as she loves adventures with her best friend Jared and has no problem getting in and out of spooky situations! She, Jared and her beloved bike Blue manage to keep their lives pretty exciting and sometimes they are not sure whether it's ghosts or just their imagination. You'll just have to
decide which one it ends up being!
You can get this fantastic middle grade book for FREE on Amazon today!  My nine year old son loves these series! Don't miss you chance to check it out for free.


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