Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest Post - Soul Mates: Scent by Elizabeth A. Lance


  Soul Mates: Scent is the first of the Soul Mates Series, a fun, action packed, young adult, paranormal romance. So I’d like to introduce you to some of the people you’ll meet when you read.
 Max Fergus is a seventeen year old boy who is about to have his life turned upside down. Max has never wanted for anything. Things just seem to always work out in his favor, but now he will have to fight to protect everyone and everything he loves.  Three weeks before his eighteenth birthday, Max meets Anna Lissa Felidae, and is immediately enthralled with her. Little does he know, Anna has been searching for him for years, and now that she’s found him, his life is about to change forever, because once you know you aren’t human, there’s no going back. No pretending you are less than what you are. 
Anna Lissa Felidae is a shifter, and the daughter of a powerful clan member. Now she is on the run from a dangerous, male shifter who wants to force her into marriage, so that he can rule over the Felidae clan. Anna’s only hope is to find her true Soul Mate and train him to fight, so that he can lead the clan with her. With the help of the Goddess Diana, Anna finds Max. Now she has just three short weeks to turn him into a warrior able to defend and protect their clan. And with luck he will be a man she can love.
Tony Gunari is Max’s best friend, and when things start to go a little crazy, Tony has Max’s back, Dude. But Tony has secrets too and when he realizes his best friend isn’t human, Tony shows exactly what kind of friend he really is.
Frederick Lyon is a dangerous shifter out for power and control of the Felidae Clan. He will stop at nothing to get Anna. No one will stop him, not even Anna’s Soul Mate, and when he finds him, Frederick will do anything to end up the winner.
Daire, a Light Fae Warrior, has been the King of Light and Illusion’s right hand for a millennia. And now he’s discovered that Auberon has an heir that could return the Light Fae to their former power and glory. All he has to do is protect him from a dangerous shifter and help teach him the ways of the Fae.  And what starts out as a job for Daire, ends up becoming one of the most important relationships in his life.
Join Max, Anna, Tony, Frederick and Daire on a magical journey of adventure. Meet the rest of their friends and family, and get tainted by the Dark, touched by the Light and bound in Love with Soul Mates: Scent, out now on Amazon Kindle from Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing and Elizabeth A. Lance. 

  When the girl of his dreams walks into his homeroom class one October morning, Max Fergus, a seventeen year old quarterback and star student, has his world turned upside down; everything he has ever thought about himself and his life is changed in that instant and nothing will ever be the same again, because once you know you aren?t human, there?s no going back, no pretending you are less than you are. Anna Lissa Felidae, a pure blooded shifter has been searching for her soul mate, the one guy that was meant for her, and just when she is sure she is about to run out of time, Diana, goddess of the hunt, appears to her and sends her in the right direction. With another shifter on her trail, one who is determined to have her no matter what the cost, Anna has just three short weeks to convince Max he is a pure blooded shifter, among other things, and teach him to fight so they can be together. With the help of a few Fae friends, a motley crew of shifters and Max?s best friend Tony, they are sure to win.

Elizabeth A. Lance
Elizabeth A. Lance lives with her husband, Brandon, their two tweens, three sassy cats that think they own the house and two crazy German Sheppard-Husky mix puppies. She is the author of the Young Adult series, Soul Mates which has just come out with Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing, as well as the Agents for the Crown, Regency series, which will soon be re-released with PDMI Direct Publishing. She loves to hear from her fans and can be reached at .  
You can order Soul Mates Scent on Amazon in both print and e-book versions.


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