Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guest Blog by Author Soraya Lane

Men & Kids

I don’t know what it is about a guy who’s great with kids, but it has always melted my heart. As a mom now, I love the fact that my hubby is such a great, fun dad to his son, but in truth it has always meant a lot to me. 

            In my latest book, The Navy SEAL’s Bride, Tom Cartwright isn’t a dad, but he’s a pretty fantastic uncle. Despite everything else in his world crumbling around him, including a forced retirement from being a SEAL, his niece is the one thing keeping him from losing it. Whether it’s caring for her while her parents are away, being her “show and tell” at school, or collecting her from ballet and taking her out for ice cream before dinner … Tom is there for her no matter what. 

            As a man, Tom is emotionally traumatized, but as an uncle he has it together 100%. And that’s what made the book’s heroine, Caitlin, start to fall in love with Tom. Even though she’s had a traumatic past and finds it hard to ever trust men, seeing Tom with his niece (who just happens to be a pupil in her class) makes her see what a great guy he is, and why she needs to take a leap of faith. Seeing how careful and tender he is with the little girl, even though he’s a big, strong guy, shows her that he wouldn’t hurt her like she’s been hurt before.

            So how about you? Do you like a man who’s good with kids? Is it important to you? I’d love to know what you think!

Too much armor to let anyone close...  

Ex-navy SEAL Tom Cartwright is struggling to return to civilian life. His little niece is his only ray of sunshine and he agrees to be the "show" in her school show-and-tell. 

Teacher Caitlin Rose knows all about past disappointments-once, she danced in the spotlight but now she shows others how to. She's learned the hard way to rely only on herself.  Yet as soon as Tom looks at her with those big brown eyes, she's done for.... 

About the Author:
Romantic Times award winning author Soraya Lane describes writing for Harlequin Romance as a dream come true. An avid book reader and writer since her childhood, Soraya hopes to be writing heart-warming, emotional romances for many years to come.
Soraya lives with her own real life hero and young son on a small farm in New Zealand, surrounded by animals and with an office overlooking a field where their horses graze.
For more information about Soraya and her upcoming or past releases, visit her at or follow her on twitter @Soraya_Lane, or


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