Friday, August 3, 2012

Phantom on Sale & Upcoming Makeover

If you have been holding out for your print copy of Phantom, now is the time to cash in. My publisher is having a huge sale! She is practically giving books away! All of the books at Pagan Writers Press are currently 20%-25% off!  You can get Phantom for only $10.36. Seriously, that is only pennies more than what I pay for my copies! Prices will never be this low again!

One of the reasons we want to sell these copies of Phantom, is because soon this book will be getting a makeover in the form of a brand new cover!  The new cover is in the works,and prices will go back up before it is released. I doubt the price will come down this low again.  And just think, if I ever become super famous (LOL), this first edition copy will be worth a fortune! Think if it as an investment and head over to Pagan Writers Press to get your copy today. :)


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