Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Blitz: The Vendetta by E. Jamie

The O’Reiley’s and the Dardano families have always despised each other, turning New York City into a war zone and dividing the loyalties of the biggest families in organized crime. When mob princess Brianna O’Reiley’s husband is murdered under the patriarch Bernardo Dardano’s orders, she vows vengeance on the family that has destroyed hers. 

Trying to regroup after her loss, Brianna leaves her young son William with her family and leaves the city to spend some time alone. A snow storm blows in and she crashes into another car on the road. Both she and the other driver are unharmed and take shelter from the storm where Brianna allows herself for just one night, to forget her tragedy in this stranger’s arms. 

They part, neither knowing the other’s identity only to discover in a cruel twist of fate that the passionate stranger who helped her through her grief is none other than Alessandro Dardano, the eldest son of Bernardo, returned to New York from running his father’s business overseas to now take his place as Bernardo’s successor. 

And Brianna is now pregnant with his child. 

About The Author:
E. Jamie lives in Toronto Canada and loves roaming the streets of her vibrant city to feed her muse. She loves penning passionate tales across all erotic sub genres from contemporary to historicals that leave the bedroom door wide open! She's always thrilled to hear from her readers at her website www.authorejamie.wordpress.com

"The foreplay between Alessandro and Bree is ongoing with each argument, glance across a room, or thought and the sex between the two boils over as soon as they make physical contact." –Just Erotic Romance 5/5 stars http://www.justeroticromancereviews.com/book-review.cfm?bookID=988436381&reviewID=8967&sNav=nav03-06&CFID=64317832&CFTOKEN=98067190

"How can these two heal the blood feud and have a normal life together when Bree knows Alessandro’s family killed her husband, the father of her son Will? How can Alessandro keep his somewhat psychotic brother from harming Bree and Will? This is the background for this unconventional love story…"-Manic Readers Reviews 4.5/5 stars http://www.manicreaders.com/index.cfm?disp=reviews&bookid=25291

Oh, come on! Her body whimpered. He stood there in black boxer briefs that hugged the tight cheeks of that ass she knew so well. In a tickling fit, she had bitten the right cheek playfully and the noise he had made was so hilarious that it had sent her into a fit of giggles. His lean waist grew into a broad, muscled back. She remembered feeling the shift and bunch of those muscles beneath her fingers, digging into the skin with her nails as he thrust powerfully above her.
He turned and went still when he saw her. His brown eyes held hers for what felt like a breathless eternity. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t look away.
Alessandro took a step towards her, and Bree jerked backwards, coming up painfully against the refrigerator door handle. He winced and moved to her side.
“Are you all right?” He asked, his fingers rubbing the sore spot in the center of her back.
Bree moaned in reply and shifted her body without thought so that his fingers lowered to the small of her back. He pressed there, bringing her body closer to him as a result.
“There?” he asked pressing in firm slow circles.
She nodded silently, feeling too good to ruin it with pesky things like arguing with him and remembering that she didn’t want him to touch her.
“I imagine carrying a baby is hard on your spine, eh?” He whispered, his breath caressing the top of her head.
“Mmm,” she said.
“Here,” he turned her around so that she was facing the wall and moved both hands to her hips, using his thumbs to massage his way upwards along the small bones of her spine.
She practically purred at the luxurious feeling, swaying a little bit so that she fell against him. She felt a very hard bulge against the cheeks of her ass and the memory of his hips snapping with relentless speed against her filled her pussy with wetness and her heart with want.
And her head with panic.
Bree pulled herself away from his fingers and jerked away from his body. Her blood raced and if her face was as flushed as Alessandro’s was, he knew what she had been remembering because he’d been recalling it too.
He lowered his head and shook it from side to side, giving her a rueful smile. “I find it so ironic that someone I think of as sometimes so brave to the point of stupidity could be so terrified of her own happiness,”
Bree felt the shot hit home, and she couldn’t look at him. She ran her finger along the marble topped of the island. “That’s ridiculous. Who in their right mind is afraid of being happy?”
“Someone who has lost too much,” he moved slowly towards her in gentle careful strides as if he was afraid of startling her.
Fair enough, she did tend to attack him when he tried to corner her, but for some reason, Bree just couldn’t tonight. The much too relaxing bubble bath must be making her sluggish.
“Someone who is so used to being told she caused too much pain to others to ever be worthy of happiness herself,”
Bree closed her eyes. “Shut up. Please, Alessandro.”
“No, darling,” A hand came up to cup her face. “I don’t dare shut up because you’re too important to me. What we feel is too important.” He tilted her head up to look at him. “My God, but you are the most exquisite thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t you know I would give up everything for you? Anything you wanted would be yours. Even my life, Brianna. I would willingly give up my life for yours. I love you that much,” he ran a thumb along her bottom lip. He lowered his head to hers. “We could be so happy, darling,” he gingerly kissed her, testing her.
Bree’s heart was too full of his words to stop him.
“I never feel half as alive as I do when I’m with you.”
He deepened the kiss for a moment, just enough to make her whimper when he withdrew. His hand moved to her breast, cupping it, running his palm against the too-sensitive nipple.
Bree felt heavy, drugged, open and wet…so wet.
“Let me make you happy, Brianna,” he sighed into her mouth, caressing the seam of her lips with his tongue.
Bree shook with the force of her need for him. Oh God, resisting him was so hard. He was so beautiful, so much stronger than she was, so determined.
And she didn’t feel half as alive when she wasn’t with him either.
She lowered her hand to the bulge in the tight material of his boxers, feeling the warm heat of his cock through the fabric.
Alessandro growled into her mouth and pinched her nipple with his thumb and forefinger.
“Yes…” she sighed arching backwards against the island, cold and hard compared to the warm solid body in front of her.
The only sound in the dark room was their breathing and the low hum of the refrigerator.
Alessandro gave a soft grunt of triumph before capturing her mouth for a thorough, devastating kiss that shook Bree all the way to her toes. His hands dug into her hips and he lifted her onto the island, pushing the robe up her thighs. Her breasts were closer to his mouth at this height, and he watched her eyes as he lowered the material of her robe off her shoulders, waiting for her to stop him. To say no.
Bree didn’t say no. She’d lived in a miserable fog for too long. It was as if Alessandro’s hands on her, his body on hers was the only thing that sent her blood pumping.
She bit back a cry when his mouth took her nipple with delicious, sinful determination. Her sleeping son briefly tickled the edges of her lust hazed mind, and Bree pressed her lips tightly to keep quiet. Her pussy opened greedily, waiting, demanding. Her legs locked around Alessandro’s waist, drawing him closer. He angled his hips so that his cock could rub against her center.
“Brianna,” he groaned against the damp skin of her breast as his hand moved down her swollen belly, caressing it for a moment. They both stopped when a soft flutter responded to his touch. Alessandro met her gaze. “How beautiful to feel one’s own child,” He dropped a kiss to her belly. “I can’t wait to meet you, my baby,”
Oh, God, he was killing her. Her pussy actually gushed a little at the sweet passion in his voice.
Bree wrapped herself in the warmth of his words and the love in his eyes.
At the considerable impediment, he had to pull back. His fingers caressed the soaked petals of her pussy, and he looked up at her hesitantly. “I’m not…sure…If I…well, is it gonna hurt the baby?”
“No. No it won’t. Please…” Bree sighed greedily for his finger to push into her.
He slid a finger into her, and Bree arched backwards so that she was practically laying on the island. He moved slowly, rubbing her clitoris in slow circles.
“Alessandro,” she sighed, putting all of her love and desire into that one name.
He gave a short chuckle as he pumped his finger. “It feels like I’m saying hello to him,”
Bree’s burst of laughter was choked off by the tight hiss of her approaching orgasm. “Oh…” she moaned then bit her fist to keep from crying out when his mouth joined his thrusting finger. He pulled his finger out right before she went over the edge, leaving her panting and desperate. His hands cupped her bottom, lifting her slightly to his mouth.
“Let me know if I’m hurting you,” he whispered before thrusting his tongue into her pussy.
She wished she could reach down and grab his head and keep him there forever, but then she was spinning and falling over the edge and using all her willpower not to scream.
His tongue fucked her with growing speed and his lips sucked at her as he pumped her with his mouth, making her nerves scream in delight.
You love him, you love him. Let yourself love him. Nothing else matters. Tell him you love him. Her heartbeat pounded out the words in quick relentless beat. Let the two of you fight your obstacles together.
“Alessandro, I…I…,” she shivered as panic warred with her soul.
He stepped back and gathered her up against him.
Still, Bree couldn’t say the words. So she did the next best thing, she eased her hand past the waistband of his boxers and ran her mouth along his jaw as she cupped his thick cock. “Your turn,” she whispered in his ear before motioning for him to help her off the island.


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