Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Spotlight - Scarlet Night by Megan J. Parker

Zane Murdoch just got a tattoo. The problem is, the tattoos are a magically infused curse that turns him into a raging beast and the only hope he has of curing it is absolving his rage. Seems simple enough until he and his clan are nearly demolished in a powerful attack. Now Zane finds himself involved in a paranormal battle of mystical proportions and breaking the curse may be a bit more challenging than he thought. Serena Vailean is alone in the world and quite frankly that's how she likes it … At least until she finds a way to bring back her dead lover, Devon Thomas. Unfortunately for her, plans have a nasty way of changing and she finds herself thrust back into the world she's been trying so desperately to escape. Her only hope is to seek help from the very people she has gone to great lengths to avoid. As an epic battle approaches, Serena and Zane must rely on each other and overcome their personal demons if they plan to survive. Unfortunately, caging a demon makes them all the harder to control.

About the Author
Megan J. Parker lives in a small town in Upstate NY with her fiancee and two devil kitties. She loves all things art and is usually writing, designing or editing videos. She started with writing poetry before slowly developing into writing short stories and finally, her work developed into novels. Her debut novel, "Scarlet Night" will be released October 1st, 2012 and will be available in print and Kindle.

 Short Excerpt

“What am I going to do with you?”
“Well, you still need to earn my forgiveness for what you said.” She said, “So you might want to start by kissing me.”
He grinned and licked his lips, “With pleasure.” Hooking his hand behind her head, he pulled her face to his and pressed his lips to hers with all the ferocity of a predator finding a meal. She moaned against his mouth, driving him to pull her closer to his body until the space between them was nothing but a vulgar memory. Her body fit his perfectly! Every contour and every crevice seemed to exist to allow the other to occupy it. She whimpered as he ran his hands across her sides, tracing her form with his palms. Using his wandering hands and her small body to his advantage, he lifted her easily from her feet and pulled her body on top of him.
~Scarlet Night~


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