Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Spotlight - Back in Love Again by K. T. Bishop

Arnaz and Isis Rogers closed in on their 20th wedding anniversary; they had grown apart over the last year. Each had time-consuming careers as well as raising a fifteen year old son, Quentin, who calls himself Q-tip in the town of Sugarland, Texas. Arnaz is a best-selling book author, specializing on the music world, something he began after graduating from Stillman College in 1992 and a year before they got married. Isis is considered one of the top Endocrinologists in the state of Texas, and just added Dietology to her job title at the Houston Medical Center. She received a hefty pay increase, which equaled her work load. How would they find their way back to each other?

About the Author:
K.T. Bishop is an award-winning sportswriter who lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, who's now added best-selling author to his resume. He was part of a Pulitzer winning newspaper and has a teenage daughter. Bishop grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he attended the BCS national champion Alabama and graduated from Stillman College.

His heart pounded hard as he stared at the phone vibrating on the desk in the den. “Why the hell are people bothering me?” Arnaz ignored the phone, which stopped ringing for a few seconds, then rang again over the next five minutes.
Arnaz flicked open the phone and saw the double-digit area code followed with seven numbers on the ID screen. “Oh shit, it's Ebony.” He pressed the leave message button on his phone.
Ebony Lane was Arnaz's Editor at Roman Publishing and had been on his case to produce another book.
His skin crawled when he heard her thick accent speak angrily. “This may be a game to you, but this is no joking matter. If we don't have a book proposal in two weeks, your contract with us is over. I expect to hear from you soon.”
He hurled the phone against the wall and a loud pitch yelp of fear was released from his lips. “How could they do this to me?” Lane and her Italy-based company just put his ass on the line.
This was the biggest slump of Arnaz's career. He hadn't written a book in two years, the longest drought he went between manuscripts. Doubts began to creep inside his brain, as Arnaz wondered if he could rise to the occasion. He muttered to himself. “I think it may finally be over.”
Unlike most authors, Arnaz had no agent to serve as a buffer between him and the Publishing Company. He handled his own negotiations, but could use an agent right now. “I knew not having an agent would bite me in the ass.”
Out of the blue, Arnaz pulled out one of his books from the shelf that was above the computer. “Maybe I can find something that will light a fire.” He was desperate enough to look into one of his previous works for a spark.
Arnaz picked the last book he wrote, Wishing on a Star, the Untold Story of Latin Freestyle Music, was a best-seller, especially in the Hispanic community. Listening to Sweet Sensation, Seduction and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam provided great memories for him as a teenager and young adult. “They don't make songs like this anymore.”


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