Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Book Spotlight & $25 Paypal Giveaway - The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx & The Underwater Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle by Linda Cadose

American archeologist Dr. Cliff Post and his friend Egyptian archeologist Dr. Abdul Saad discover a hidden chamber in the right paw of the Great Sphinx. Inside they find an ancient supercomputer left there thousands of years ago by ancient aliens. A terrorist group seeks to obtain possession of this supercomputer. The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx is the first in a series featuring the adventures of American archeologist, Dr. Cliff Post. Be sure to read the second in the series, The Underwater Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle.
Where to Buy 

 The Hidden Chamber in the Great Sphinx is available on Amazon for $3.99 for the ebook, $14.95 for the paperback or $23.99 for hardback.

This book is based on a real archaeological discovery. In the summer of 2000, oceanographer Paulina Zelitsky discovered a sunken city on the Cuban shelf, which is off the coast of Cuba. She discovered that there were three pyramids, many buildings, and roads in her sunken city. This book is a fictional account of the exploration of that city.

Where to Buy

 The Underwater Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle is available on Amazon for $3.99 for the ebook, $14.95 for the paperback or $23.99 for hardback.

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I a Registered Respiratory Therapist with 40 years of experience in my field. I grew up in Plymouth, MA and I now live in a retirement community in Carver, MA. I hold a B.A. degree from Boston University and a M.A. degree from Northeastern University.

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  1. Wow, I wasn't aware of Panspermia! Or at least I wasn't aware that was the name for it. I like the way the blogger put it, "Panspermia is spreading life throughout the universe by bringing seeds where they travel." COOL!

  2. "In addition, NASA astrobiologist Louis Allamandola has discovered that RNA, which is similar to DNA spontaneously forms in space." So cool!! I am starting a bookshelf to encourage my grandchildren to read. (7, 5, & almost 3) These books are on my wish list, to head to The Shelf. Wonderful :)

  3. I learned that DNA and RNA have been discovered inside of asteroids and comets by NASA scientists..The fact that they were inside comets and asteroids would shield DNA and RNA from the intense radiation of outer space.

    Therefore, all life on Earth is extraterrestrial.

    Very interesting.
    Thanks so much.

  4. DNA and RNA came here from asteroids and comets.

  5. I learned that DNA and RNA came here from asteroids and comets.


  6. I had heard of the concepts, but didn't have the names for the theories.

  7. I hadn't heard about Panspermia in detail and was intrigued by the concept of DNA and RNA coming here on comets or asteroids. Almost like we actually did fall out of the heavens themselves, right?
    I also like the star connection theory to pyramids, this I have heard of before in many different cultures it seems to pop up.
    Linda's book sounds interesting. I could only imagine what our world would do if someone did find a Hall of Records that held the knowledge to Atlantis and other mysteries!

  8. I have never heard that RNA can form spontaneously in space. And I feel like I've heard all of the theories (Biology major). I'm a bit skeptical, but it's definitely interesting and worth further inspection.

  9. She also wrote "The Underwater Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle." I learned that from her site!!


  10. I learned that DNA and RNA came here from asteroids and comets

  11. That the author is a Registered Respiratory Therapist

  12. I learned that the The Moai statue are the 65 feet tall stone statues on Easter Island in the South Pacific.

  13. According to Schoch, rainwater is the oldest type of erosion found in the Giza Plateau.