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Interview with M.L Weaver - Author of The Lightness of Dust

We mortals take solace in knowing that our cares will someday scatter with the dust of our bones. For the gods who walk among us no such hope exists... especially for the young goddess who must witness our deaths.

The Lightness of Dust: Book One of the Meronymy threads the tale of a young woman's search for belonging through the lives of an ancient Anatolian fisherman, the caretaker of the Persephone Music hall in 1940 Seattle, and a university professor in modern-day Northern California.

About the Author

M.L. Weaver lives with his wife and son in the Pacific Northwest, where they enjoy the desolation of summer and the snow-silent glow of winter. He earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California and applies his training to the formulation of agricultural chemicals.

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Where to Buy

You can get your copy of The Lightness of Dust: Book One of The Meronymy on Amazon for only $5.99 for the e-book or $12.95 for the paperback.


         Tell us a little about The Lightness of Dust.

 We mortals take solace in knowing that our cares will someday scatter with the dust of our bones.  For the gods who walk among us no such hope exists…especially for the goddess who must witness our deaths.

The Lightness of Dust is, at its core, the tale of one young woman’s search for belonging.  The tale begins in ancient Anatolia, where Kere and Telamon are at a crossroads.  Because of her gift, her father is waiting until she is old enough to sell her to the priesthood.  Telamon can only marry her if he can pay more than the Intercessor offers…but will sailing away with the copper fleet take him away forever?

Sam is the caretaker of the Persephone Music Hall in 1940 Seattle by day and a budding artist whenever Mr. Smythe allows him time off.  He finds his religion in the music of the beautiful violinist Lily Ostendorf, but the exploding war in Europe darkens their skies.

Finally, Jacob and Elyse Morgan are finally enjoying the payoff from the years he spent in school…until the mysterious Amanda Angona joins his research group at the university.  And she has a decision to make.

Lightness is available in e-format through, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.  Its also out as a paperback.

Were any of your characters inspired by the real people in your life?
All of the characters in my writing are entirely fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental!  No one ever really believes that, right? Actually, the book draws deeply on my own life and the male characters, when summed, would add up to me.  So much so, in fact, that my wife stormed into my office when she was halfway through the book and asked if I’d been unfaithful.  I hadn’t, but the story insisted that one of the characters seem to betray the love of his life.  And let me tell you…that’s the danger of modeling characters on yourself.  It’s very hard to do things like that to them!
As for the other characters…they’re all composites of people I’ve allowed into my life at one time or another.

           Is there anything special you need to have around to set the mood for writing?

Quiet. Quiet. Quiet.  Most of my writing hits the page after everyone else has gone to bed.  Scents are important, too.  Depending on the scene I’m writing I may burn incense or have perfume samples on my desk to enjoy.

Is your family supportive of your writing career?
My wife and son are; both enjoyed Lightness.  I sent copies to the rest of my family but I haven’t heard back about it, so I guess the answer is both yes and no!

        What are some of the challenges you face as an author? 

Getting reviews and getting the name of the book in front of potential readers!  I really appreciate the opportunity to do this interview with you.  It’s been such a challenge that I’ve added a book blog to my own website so that I can not only interview established authors like you (thanks again, by the way), but I can also help give new authors some exposure.

  Which of the characters from your books do you relate to the most?
Samuel Freeman.  Absolutely Sam.  Without going into ‘why,’ I’ll say that his story is the most heartbreaking in the book and the one I most relate to.

   What is your biggest pet peeve?
Writing-wise?  Over-explanation.  There is a series of books that I just love.  Well, the first half-dozen or so.  There are now about thirty books in this particular author’s world, and I can’t bear to read any after about the sixth.  The author is constantly explaining to me who certain characters are.  Say ‘Bob’ played a big role in the first two books and has cameos in the third, fourth, and fifth.  Every time Bob pops up, it’s “Bob walked into the room.  It was he who slew the dragon in the year of…” or “Bob joined Joe on his quest to…” Come on! I read the books! I know who Bob is!

     Do you prefer e-books or print copies? Why?
e-books are certainly convenient, but I try to avoid them whenever possible.  Nothing else is like the feel and smell of ink on paper.  Have you ever, when stricken with the flu, tried to curl up with an e-reader?  Heresy…

    Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share with us?
Absolutely.  I’m writing the second book of The Meronymy (Lightness was the first).  The gods still walk among us, but I’m trying out a different structure for the story.

  How have your spirituality impacted your work.
Every word I write is dedicated to my goddess.  It was she who freed me from the shell I’d built around myself.  This has also given me the strength to dive into my own past and dredge up emotions and experiences with which I color my writing.


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