Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Purple Heart GoodReads Giveaway

When Sydney Porter, a psychologist for the army, receives documentation on one special case, she knows something is different about this soldier. He’s highly decorated, having received the Purple Heart for saving his platoon. He seems to have no past prior to his military career.

When she meets Sergeant Aiden Thane, their chemistry is instant and Sydney finds herself inviting this stranger to stay at her home. They quickly fall in love, as if it was fated. However Sydney’s best friend Cheryl is not trusting of Aiden and feeds doubt into her mind that he isn’t who he claims to be and warns her to be careful.

Confused, Sydney finds herself torn between her undeniable feelings for Aiden and Cheryl’s voice of reason until the truth comes to light. The mystery unfolds while their romance blossoms.

Will their love survive?
Are they destined to be soul mates?

You’ll be shocked to find out what Aiden’s been hiding.

The Giveaway

 This fantastic book is coming in February, but you can enter to win a copy right now. Just head over to Goodreads to enter!.

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