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Book Tour & Giveaway: Solstice by Bryan W. Dulls

Solstice: A Vampire Tale by Bryan W. Dull
Jan. 18, 2013
In Gavin Moxley's world, there is no thin line between right and wrong. In a personal crusade to help sever a line of disease carried by a clan of vampires; Gavin has no choice to be ruthless. The Vampires are purposely infecting the human population…waiting for humans to actively pass it on to each other. Gavin takes no chances and executes them one by one. Not strong or powerful, finding humans before they turn into full vampires is ideal and Gavin’s best bet.
Yes, this is Gavin’s life…
…And nothing ever changes it until a young half breed vampire with special abilities, Solstice, attaches and makes herself a fixture in his life when she asks for his help and protection and when a reluctant Gavin agrees he joins a dangerous game of cat and mouse. There is no safe place and the pair are constantly watching their backs. Torn between his hate and his love for Solstice Gavin is thrown into a moral dilemma that only he can figure out but two things are clear…
His faith and Humanity are being tested and the past is not always forgotten.

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What being said about SOLSTICE:

“A modern twist to vampire lore this book will not disappoint.” Paranormal Reads Blog

“An action-packed race to the finish line.” Lisa Rayns (author of A Destined Death)

“This is a fantastic story that does not sugar coat vampires and shows them as the monsters they are.” Book Mews & Tattle Tails Blog

Bryan W. Dull has told and written stories most of his life; "Solstice" is his first published work. Dull has a unique perspective on life that puts his writings in a class by themselves. Other works he has created have been praised but never published. He currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his family. Dull has lived in Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina; which is where Solstice takes place. 

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“Gripping… Leaves you wanting more!” Mary Ting (best selling author of the Crossroads Saga)

“There is action that will leave you panting as to who will be the victor.” Read Me Reviews Blog

“Bryan Dull has produced a very successful debut novel on that I would most definitely recommend to paranormal and horror lovers!” Bex & Books Blog

“Solstice provides a great deal of action /horror/ friendship and aspects of love. Pretty much ticking all of the boxes” Addicted to Books Book Review Blog

“My interest is peakedI enjoyed what I read and I WANT MORE!” 1000+ Books to Read Blog

“I have to say this was one of the most creative and dark vampire books I have read in a while and I loved that about it.” Delphina Reads Too Much Blog

“A fantastical story which faces one and even more of our evils in today's society.” Lovetiggi Book Reviews Blog

“This story had me laughing, crying and gripping my seat every inch of the way.” Beth Wright (author of Vultar's HeartBody and Soul Mate Series)


She tried to breathe slowly and calmly, not for herself but to listen for her child. She just wanted a sign that she was still alive. Perhaps a cooing of some sort, but it didn’t happen. Instead she listened to what sounded like flesh ripping and bones cracking. The mother wanted to believe that it was fabric caught in some metal making the sound, but she knew better. In fact, she knew too much. As swollen and in pain as she was, she knew that her newborn child was not human. Not in the way that she would have planned.
It hurt when she breathed. Her insides were mangled from the sudden growth of her child inside her womb. It especially hurt on the right side of her body. What she may have known deep down is that her lung was not in the same place it was before. In fact, one of her ribs; the fifth rib from the top, had broken at the curve and punctured the lung. Her stomach alone was almost mush while her kidneys were pushed out further from where they needed to be, so much so that they were torn from their renal arteries. The fact that she was alive at all was a miracle itself.
The mother hung upside down for four hours in the ambulance until the gurney came loose from the floorboard and fell to the street pavement. Her knees broke in half because her legs were strapped to the stirrups. The pain was as unbearable as she thought, and she let out a soft cry. At least she thought she did. She could not scream or even talk anymore, and any chance of her getting help had died along with her. The mother’s last breath was coming, and with the last breath she heard a whimper next to her telling her that she was sorry and didn’t mean to hurt her mommy.
The mother’s eyes filled with tears and with her last breath she told her, “I know, and mommy loves you.” Her mouth was moving but no sound came out. Her own daughter could not hear her mother’s voice. As she was dying, she watched her daughter walk out of the wreckage with the policeman’s coat and hat, walking with bandages covering her feet to keep them protected. ”My smart little girl,” she thought. Her daughter turned around with the sunlight behind her head and cracked a small smile with the right side of her face. Her daughter heard her, just not in the way we hear things. Maybe that too was a miracle.
The mother died a minute later, but she will always have the memory no matter what lies in the afterlife. Her favorite thing in the physical world was the sun in the morning and the fact that her daughter was in front of it, illuminating her little body, such a brilliant picture in her mind as she left this world. It reminded her of summer.

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  2. Wow, this excerpt has me reeling. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book and am going to search immediately after leaving this comment. It sounds like a fresh take on the paranormal genre which is greatly needed in my opinion!

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